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Our Accomplishments: Problem - Action - Result

Problem: Bottleneck in parts approval process for automotive parts supplier.
Action: Analyzed process with participation of electrical engineering, purchasing and component design and test functions.
Result: Earlier and more disciplined approach to parts approval process reduced conflict between organizations and achieved timely parts approval.

Problem: Machine shop defect rates too high.
Action: Through operator training and six sigma analysis process variance was reduced.
Result: Shop achieved 25 % reduction in discrepancies.

Problem: New Product process cycle time out of control.
Action: Created a standard development process integrating engineering, operations and marketing. Process became basis of management decisions and project reviews.
Result: Project teams able to manage key tasks and cross functional groups delivered input at key points in the process. Results contributed to 55% reduction in cycle time.

Problem: Chinese Consumer Product Company needed basic project management skills.
Action: Developed training course for project leaders which was translated into Mandarin and given to all project leaders and potential project leaders.
Result: All project teams were led by trained project leaders.

Problem: German Auto Parts Company needed improved idea development process to better integrate marketing with engineering and improve the management review process.
Action: A standard was implemented. The criterion for decisions at each major step in the process was documented.
Result: Review process became more effective with a focus of the decisions that needed to be made. Better and faster input decisions were made.

Problem: Consumer Electronics Company needed to improve management of multiple projects.
Action: Developed software tool using MS Project and Excel to summarize key metrics and gain better decisions across multiple projects.
Result: Integrated tracking and management system drove cycle time improvements of greater than 50%.

Problem: Slow response time for equipment design projects.
Action: Developed prioritization process with ranking and simple measurement system balancing tasks and resources.
Result: Process resulted in significant increase in throughput and customer satisfaction.

Problem: Project reviews were not focusing on most troubled projects.
Action: Traffic light system was created to assure critical projects with serious issues were identified early. Teams were coached on decision making orientation for reviews.
Result: Project reviews became more focused on key problems and solutions.

Problem: Final assembly for large capital goods manufacturer taking too long.
Action: Team identified key problem areas and actions required to accelerate test cycle.
Result: Improved training, resolution of incoming quality problems and standard test process yielded 44% reduction in test time.

Problem: Lack of discipline following the process caused many problems in new product development including missed dates and high level of rework.
Action: Developed measurements around process that focused on process drivers.
Result: Reduced cycle time for new product development process by more than 50 % while improving quality of gate reviews.

Problem: Engineering change process between domestic engineering and international manufacturing operation experienced excessive delays.
Action: Analysis of engineering change process and measurements of cycle time pinpointed problem areas.
Result: Process time was reduced by a month through minor process change.

Problem: Excess inventory taking up production and inventory space.
Action: Performed an ABC analysis of the inventory and compared to requirements. Unneeded inventory was removed.
Result: Over time a 50% reduction in inventory was achieved.

Problem: New cross functional team needed coaching to improve effectiveness.
Action: Provided structured process including training, tracking of issues and decisions, and coaching of individual members.
Result: Team effectiveness improved.