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Solutions for your product process:
Fast time to market
Effective stage gates with better decisions
Measurements that drive improvement
Projects on time and within cost targets
Effective global teams
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International Issues
Product Development
Process Improvement
Measurement Systems
Project Management
Process Mapping
Problem Solving
Quality Improvement
Interim Management
Use of computer tools to drive improvement
Operations management
Cross Functional team building


Develop standard product/process development system utilizing process mapping, standard processes, consistent project management tools and effective use of cross functional teams.

Lead better integration between engineering, operations and others functions within a company to accelerate speed of new product introduction.

Develop consistent measurement system to drive effective new product development.

Develop an improved portfolio management process to control pipeline of new products through the use of strategic filters, prioritization and linkage to resource management.

Develop effective supply chain linkage to product development processes.

Improve sustaining engineering process to prioritize and better manage change.

Coach global teams to increase effectiveness.